Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Polka Dots on a Rainy Day

Well, today was pretty crappy. It was raining, sleeting, then hailing-all within one hour, its been like that since this morning. I guess we have to appreciate these kinds of days though because if there were no crappy days then the nice days wouldn't seem as, well, nice! One thing that did make my day a little better was we had a half day today and I didn't even know.

Well, here's what I wore on this cold, rainy day.

Black Turtleneck from Kohls, Skirt from Kohls, Scrunched leggings from Deb, Bracelet from Target, Hoop Earrings from Charlotte Russe, Shoes from Target (yesterdays new item)

I really wanted to wear my new Target shoes today and I love how feminine the skirt and shirt are. I loved how when I added the leggings it brought on a bit of edginess and girly-ness all at the same time. The hoops also added to that.

Today my mom and I went out (again!) and bought our little dog, Shalah, a sweater! Usually I'm opposed to that kind of thing but she doesn't mind it. :]
We put it on her so here's my pictures I got!

Petsmart Sweater

I hope everyone elses day wasn't as rainy!
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  1. Thank you for the comment :)
    Your polka dot skirt is cute!

  2. Thank you for the comment =)

    Your dog is soo cute, esp with the sweater.

  3. i luv the skirt and leggings together. u wouldve looked cuter w/ a blck v-neck tho.

  4. Adorable dog! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  5. I love your shoes!!
    Your dog is so fluffy!!! Ahh!!!!!!!!

  6. That's such a cute outfit, polka-dots always make such lovely-looking outfits.
    Hope your lovely shoes didn't get ruined by the rain!

  7. Cute skirt!

    And woahmygod, your puppy is legitly the most adorable thing I have ever seen.

  8. Thanks! Your dogs are pretty precious also, and I love that you are rocking the style on a budget!

  9. small dogs don't like me at all.
    once this chihuahua ate my show and another peed on one of my other pairs of shoes.
    oh well.

  10. Oh, my god you look so cute in that skirt. 50s with a twist.

  11. actually... i wouldn't mind some hail and sleet right now...anything to get away from the intense aussie heat...

    love your skirt.

  12. thanks for the comment!
    my aunty dresses up her dogs aswell, it's so cute.. santa hats at christmas haha...

  13. I love that you paired that adorable skirt with flats and the leggings--very cute!

  14. Your dog is a star, especially in that sweater.

  15. your outfit is really cute (and the dog's too!)


  16. Lovely skirt. And Shalah is SO cute!

  17. Thanks for the comment! I am really excited about law school and it is nice to know someone actually looks at my blog lol. Your blog is really cute : )Keep up with it as I can see many people really enjoy your writing.

  18. cute puppy, adorable outfit :).

  19. so cute, i lvoe your header!
    it kills me when people put their animals in clothes though.
    it just seems so cruel.