Saturday, February 21, 2009


Hey everybody, happy Saturday! I hope you all had a fabulous Saturday like I did! I got to play tennis for the first time in a while, I went to a training center with my friend Adrienne for an hour and a half this morning. Here's what I wore after I got home from that.
T-Shirt: Charlotte Russe, Dress: Wal-Mart, Heels: Target (haha), Round Beaded Necklace: Vintage, Oval Beaded Necklace: Clair's, Ring: Charlotte Russe, Bracelet: Target

I was a lot of fun-but tough. Then my friend Zach came over for a while and we went to PetCo with my mom and I bought.....A HAMSTER! She is an adorable dwarf hamster they only get about 3-4inches big! Here she is!

I named her Valentine (Val-En-Teen). Everybody think that its a boys name, but I don't. :]
I heard this amazing song by Miley Cyrus called "The Climb". I will admit I'm not a bug fan of Miley but that song is really inspirational.


  1. what a cute hamster!
    (and don't listen to anyone, i like the name!)

  2. Thank you for your nice comment!
    I really like your outfit and your hamster is just too sweet!

  3. Hi Elizabeth,

    Thanks Ur lovely comment, darling. Check this my blog, if U have a mood.

    Oh, at Ur post: I love Ur style. Funny and chic. I really like polka dot dress.

    What an adorable hamster. Sweeeeetieeeeer!

    Have a great Sunday, xoxo: Janet

  4. I love your hamster! Have you seen Hamster eating broccoli on youtube? It is so gorgeous.

  5. cute outfit ;)
    wah hamster. but I didn't like it's eyes. it reds. errr.


  6. thank you. i love them too! funky fresh, cute!

  7. Your hamster is so cute. I am not a huge fan of furry tiny animals, but that one is pretty cute. Your blog is adorable! I love all of you sweet clothes.

  8. wish i get addicted to catcher in the rye,!

    nice outfit

  9. Cute dress!

    I can't even hear the name Miley without being offended, haha.

  10. Oh that hamster is sooooooooo cute. Thanks for commenting!

  11. cute hamster! i love going to charlotte russe, they have cute tops

  12. Adorable outfit! And Val is cute too!


    P.S. I am having a contest on my blog today if you want to stop by :)

  13. Awww, Valentine is so cute! :)

  14. love Valentine haha
    and I love your dress too ♥
    gosh, I love your blog! =D

  15. Valentine is so cute!
    Love your polka dot dress :)

  16. aw you got a little hampster! so cute..i want a puppy..or at least my puppy back! had to give him away cos i couldn't have him in my unit anymore...devostating. you look cute in your dots hon!

    thanks for your comments..glad you have given me blazer permission! haha
    xx LM