Monday, February 16, 2009

Wearing My Favorite Boots

So, this blogging this is still very new to me. Hopefully I will become much better at this, but for now I do not have much to post.

Last night one of my dear friends Tiffany spent the night and we saw "The Uninvited." It was actually not too bad, usually horror movies these days arn't too good. I recomend it for anybody looking for a decent scary movie.

Anyways, basically all we did this morning was play child games like Trouble and Operation.
I must say Tiffany is amazing at keeping a steady hand in Operation!

So today it seemed very nice out, although we didn't realize how bad the chill was until we started to walk. Atleast it looked nice out though.
I didn't have to dress to "impress" today, so I decided to wear my favorite boots :-)

Wearing: Huge sunglasses (unsure of brand or where I got them), old GAP long-sleeved shirt, Maurices vest, Kohls grey skinny jeans, and wet seal fringed boots (my favortie)

&& I was listening to the fabulous Colbie Caillet earlier and came upon this song by her called "Older" that I absolutly adored. You should check it out. :-)


  1. I love love love childhood boardgames. This game called Loopin' Louie was my favorite (I have no idea if it's popular or not.)

  2. those boots are gorgeous.
    oh i love boardgames! monopoly has to be the best :)

  3. thank you very much honey :)
    love these photos, you look gorgeous and very happy!

    oh and I love colbie caillet too - my favourite song is 'bubbly' its so beautiful!


  4. Hi there :]

    Thanks for the comment, I am trying to update as much as I possibly can so check back!

    I saw the Uninvited the first day it came out not long ago and it was okay... Just not what scary movies used to be, it's much more about gore and blood.

    Anyways, I hope you get to go see 'Shopaholic' it was really good!


  5. I instantly love anything with fringes, so those boots are too cute. I'm new at blogging, hopefully we won't get scared and continue posting :)

  6. those boots are cute, i wasn't a huge fan of fringes at first but they are definitely growing on me :)

    also, i love your banner! so cute.

  7. Loving the Waistcoat! :)

    Auberry Collette Kisses,

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