Sunday, February 15, 2009

Let's get started

Okay, so I'm Elizabeth-I'm a teenage girl stuck in a small town basically. Fashion is my passion and I plan to make that my future. This will be basically be a place where I put my thoughts and inpirations. I will be posting a lot of my clothes and my pictures. I owuld really appreciate comments. Thank you. :]


I have no new clothes really but this is what I'm wearing today.

Old navy shirt, vintage skirt, macy's tights, target heels, avon necklace, clair's anywhere clip, target bows and hearts bracelet, and wet seal bracelets.

I think that we shouldn't dress to impress anyone but ourselves. We should wear what makes us confident, don't dress for your boyfriend, your family or your friends. You can if you want, but that will lead to unhappiness in the end.
"I don't know the key to success,but the key to failure is trying to please everybody."-Bill Cosby


  1. I love love love your outfit!
    Haha same here, 15, small town, big dreams, loves fashion. & we're both roosters!
    Thanks so much for the blog comment!

  2. cute outfit..^^

    love the bows and hearts bracelet ^___^

  3. well done. I love the accessories!

  4. I feel your small town pain! I grew up in a small farm town in Northern BC, but I moved out when I was 16 to finish high school, go to university, and get my dream job in the fashion industry. It can feel like you'll never get out, but trust me it comes super quick! I've only been gone almost 3 years and it feels like forever. Love that bracelet btw!

  5. we have the same shirt (although i hardly ever wear mine)! cute blog:) xx