Monday, February 23, 2009

Plaid Yum :-)

Yuk, some Mondays it's just so hard to get movin', today was one of those Mondays. School seemed to drag on forever as well as all of the homework. This post is going to be kind of short due to the excessive amount of homework that I recieved today. I hope everyone had a nice Monday!
Here's what I wore today!
Black Beaded Necklace: Clair's, Pink Spagetti Strap: Kohls, Plaid Jacket: Deb, Pink Bulky Bead Bracelet: Kohls, Skinny Jeans: Kohls, High Heels: Charlotte Russe
Those heels are a killer yet I keep on wearing them so much! And I usually don't buy much from Deb but the plaid jacket was so adorable I just had to get it!

So I went shopping today, at Wal-Mart, haha. I had to get some school supplies so I ended up getting a skirt and a dress (which will be featured tomorrow). My friend Zach actually ended up buying them for me, he's too sweet!
I decided that I am going to wear this bright yellow skirt on the next rainy day!
Well, I hope you all enjoyed the Oscars last night-everyone looked so stunning! I ecspecially loved Miley Cyrus, and Ann Hathaway-their dresses were stunning!
Currently Listening: Gives You Hell-The All-American Rejects


  1. That's a cute yellow skirt. I think it would look great with some rain boots.

  2. I like your heels a lot - they're fierce! And that plaid jacket looks cute.

  3. Thanks so much! I love that jacket and the skirt....they would look nice together I think! :D

    Ahhh I can't stop listening to that song!!!

  4. I love you all rolled up cuffs. I can never find stuff at wallmart-kudos

  5. Cute outfit! That skirt will look great on you!

  6. love the plaid blazer - so cute! i want one =P
    thanks for your sweet comment on my blog.
    stay fabulous!
    ♥ Hannah

  7. cute skirt!!
    thanks for commenting :)

  8. Adorable lemon skirt!

    What a great combo. I like it, especially tartan jacket and footwear!

    xoxo: Janet

    P.S.: Thanks Ur lovely comment & check my blog, if U have mood! :D

  9. those shoes are gorgeous!
    sure, let me know when you have your new e-mail ;)
    By the way, I'm Connie, I'm 15 years old and I live in Argentina.

  10. i have that song stuck in my head right now actually lol.

    i love the plaid jacket

  11. I adore those jeans--I love how you folded them with those heels--great outfit!

  12. I love Charlotte Russe and am often amazed what cool shoes they bring out. Looks great!

  13. ooo, I love this look. Esp. the shoes!!

  14. i like that skirt;) yellow is a great colour to.. invite spring, even if it rains!

  15. cute heels!

    and thanks for you comment. really appreciate it ;D

  16. Thanks for the lovely comment! I'm digging those heels! x

  17. Cute outfit. Oooh silver shoes, I like.

    Stay chic!

  18. I´ve enjoyed a lot with the oscars night, and, I really love, the penelope cruz dress ( u know, im spanish ;-) ...
    love also anne h. dress!!!

  19. I like how you incorporate lots of affordable pieces into your outfits :)

    Thanks for commenting!!