Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Obsession: Duffy

I hope everybody had a relaxing Sunday. I for one, sat around all day browsing the internet in some comfy old jeans and a tank. Nothing too exciting. Since I was severly bored earlier I was browsing different Artist pages on myspace when I came across Duffy's page. I am in love with her music, it's so different! I love her songs "Rain On Your Parade" and "Warwick Avenue"-they are both amazing. I also love her style as well, here's some pictures.

So, today I finished "The Catcher In The Rye" it was pretty good, not the best but not bad; it was worth reading I think. I actually read it for a book report so I'm glad it wasn't a complete bore. I'm getting ready to start reading "Breaking Dawn"-FINALLY! :-)


  1. she's great, isn't she? got the most amazingly cool voice.

  2. first: LOVE duffy, her songs are really cool, and she dresses cool too.
    second: the catcher in the rye is one of my fav books ;)
    I want your e-mail! you're really cool and I think we can be friends (:

  3. I love Duffy's vintage inspired style. Your blog is very cute and so are you. I love your little Hamster too.

    Thanks a lot for all your sweet comments, they are dearly appreciated!.


  4. i love the black and white outfit!

  5. i felt the same after reading catcher, but just wait... in a few months, you'll think about it out of no where and want to read it again.
    (at least, that's what happened to me)
    and believe me, it means so much more the second time around!

  6. LOOOOVE CATCHER IN THE RYE!! gah but it kinda still freaks me out that the killer of john lennon quoted the book and stuff and it led to his murdering blahhhhh

    anyhoo haha, ty so much for your lovely comment, i love your blog

  7. My fave of her songs is Stepping Stone!She is so sweet, i love her!

  8. thanks for your sweet comment on my blog ((
    im a duffy fan too, mercy is my fave song =)
    love the blog - keep up the great work hun x
    ♥ Hannah

  9. oh i love both!
    Duffy & Breaking dawn(whole saga)
    amazing blog, love it !!:)


  10. if you like duffy you should check out veronica maggio - she's swedish and jazzy and sings like duffy but well much, much better. she dresses better too lol.