Sunday, April 5, 2009

I Want a Love Like Johnny and June

I hope anybody who enjoys country music is watching the ACMS! All of the performances so far are great!
Today was so nice, the weather was so perfect so my mom and I drove out and went to Sonic, ha. We always go to Sonic whenever it's nice out haha.
Well here's what I wore today!

Dress: Charlotte Russe, Shoes: ??, Bracelet: Taylor Swift Concert, Necklace: Gift
Today, also, one of my best friends and I decided to become pescitarians. It's a lot like being a vegetarian, only you can eat fish. I would like to become a vegetarian sometime soon but I know it can't happen overnight, it will be a gradual thing.
Other exciting news is, well, I FINALLY got boyfriend jeans! I got mine from wal-mart(haha figures, right?) for 20 dollars! Here they are!

(Sorry about the barefeet haha)
I'll probably wear this outfit sometime early in the week, hopefully it will stay nice out! Spring weather is the best.
Currently Listening: ACM Awards

Vogue UK
May 2008


  1. OK SWEETIE IM GOIN TO WALMART!!!! Haha. i love how places like walmart and target are becoming fashionable. they just need to know were were first

  2. What an adorable dress =]

    La C.

  3. Cute dress it has a real hippy vibe :)

  4. Love the jeans too.

  5. What a cute dress and what a great wal mart find (again!)!

  6. Your dress is awesome and i really love the b&w photo!

  7. Oh thank you for coment sweetie!
    Really all we love braids.. :)

    Come again!

  8. I love your outfits! Very bohemian.

  9. love that photo from vogue uk!

    you look aweseome in that dress btw! <3 it so very spring!

  10. I love that dress on you!

    Oh, and congratulations on taking a step towards becoming a vegetarian! It's a great change of lifestyle once you get the hang of it!

  11. Your dressing reminds me of summer, great!=)

  12. I love going to sonic on warm days!

  13. cute dress, cute jeans! you are such a darling.

    tagged you for a little quiz :).

  14. Sonic?! Oh my gosh, I'm so jealous! I live in Massachusetts and they advertise for Sonic here, but I think the closest one is in New Jersey or something. It makes me so sad. I can't tell you how badly I want a cookie dough blast.