Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spring is in the Air-Finally

Hey everybody! I sure hope everyone had a great weekend, sorry I wasn't around to post! My weekend was full of work, laziness, and rollerskating, Oh, and I stayed up for 24 hours straight Friday night with my best friend Erica.
As most of you probably know Taylor Swift guest starred on CSI Thursday night. She deffinently looked different with her lip and nose ring! Here's some pictures
I found those on

Well, today my mom and I took a long drive to Sonic even though there are non within an hour around here! I ended up getting a banana creme pie shake-yummm. I also went to Kohls where I got a pair of skinny jeans and a t-shirt for 12 bucks. :]
I wore a dress that I wore recently but I wore it a lot differently since it was very "spring" feeling today.

Dress: Wal-Mart, Bracelets: 579, Earrings: Clair's, Pants: JcPenny, Shoes: Payless

I hope everyone has a relaxing Sunday. :-)
Currently Listening: It Won't Be Like This For Long by Darius Rucker


  1. Lucky you having spring already! I think that dress is just darling :)

  2. adorable snapshots ;)
    Lovely dress.
    his hat was his staple- it was awesome, I never missed him in that thing! lol!


  3. Agreed! The elephant is adorable.. and your dress is too! I'll have to hit up walmart sometime soon.

  4. ahhh can i have your dress? And those shoes are so cute. Wanna link each other? Your blog is really cool

  5. oh the dress is so cute as you! :D
    i looove your hair!
    nice blog, dear.

  6. You look so cute!
    When I first saw those pictures of Taylor Swift right before I read what you posted, I was thinking "Wow that girl looks so familiar. Why can't I place her?" Haha. Amazing what the brown hair does.

    Mmmm Sonic. Sounds delicious. I wish we had one closer too. I think the closest one is maybe 2 hours away. Ick.

  7. you scream spring indeed in this get up! suits you perfectly! and i often often stay up all night, damn insomnia!

    thanks for your comments darling one!!!

    much love LM xxxxx

  8. Your dress is cute and versatile too!

  9. Lovely dress, and thank you for this super fresh post!


  10. Taylor Swift looks so different!
    Hmmm I'll have to try Sonic someday...I'm always seeing their ads on TV but there's none near where I am!

  11. The dress looks really good. Its nice to see more summery clothes now as well. Yay. x

  12. that dress is so romantic, i love it!

  13. you have the most adorable room ever!!!
    i love the colors of the wall. Also, very very cute dress.

    Much loves,
    - Sophie (