Monday, March 16, 2009

About Me?

I realized that you all don't know much about me on here! So I am going to dedicate this post with a few things about me since I don't have time to do the regular outfit post right now. :-)
Okay, well I'm Elizabeth, I'm 15 years old and I have already loved and lost. I over-think absolutly EVERYTHING, and sometimes I drive myself crazy with that. I love sad music, even though it can make me sad-it doesn't take a lot to make me cry. I love plants, although they seem to die very quickly whenever I have them. I don't really have a sense of style, I just buy what I like. I'm not 100% sure what I want to do when I'm older but I know I want to work in the fashion industry. I'm not super smart, I'm about average when it comes to school work. I usually have my grades inbetween 87%-93%. I have confidence in myself, although some days I just don't. I like to smile, and I can be extremely optimistic. I always try to look at the bright side of everything. I am a shopaholic, deffinently, who is addicted to sales racks. I love anything inspirational, like I said, sometimes I over-analyze everything. I struggle with "finding myself" sometimes but I'm realizing that is not something I should think about it-I should just act how I'm feeling and just be me. I like to stand out from the crowd, but I am super shy. I wish more than anything that I wasn't so shy so I am working on that. When I'm stressed out i get frustrated easily and usually make a lot of lists, I'm deffinently guilty of list making. I love words, although my vocabulary isn't too great. I'm not opposed to falling in love again but I don't plan on it anytime soon. I have great friends, but sometimes I worry too much if whether or not they like me haha. The one thing I stress about the most is finding myself, like I said. I just keep reminding myself it isn't something I should think about too much. Well, I am a teenager...haha.
Oh, and I have very strong morals right now and I'm most likely not going to change that. And I love bright colors.
Haha well that was a very long about me, read it if you like.
currently listening: Fearless-Taylor Swift


  1. Don't worry about finding yourself, you probably won't notice it when it happens. Just remember to be happy every day, and if you are not happy one day, do something to make that day a better day, like give yourself a cupcake. Such a cute photograph! And i tagged you!

  2. I dont think anyone really ever finds themselves. Just part of themselves and parts of others :]

  3. thank you. ya. you're blog is fun! finding yourself is a blank page babe. it's people, music, passion, and experience. it grows daily. it's unattainable. so live your life. do what you want. and keep smiling. :)

  4. my sister used to be super duper shy.......i think u just need practice... =)

    and i'm an optimistic like u!! =)
    sometimes too optimistic so at times i get disappointed due to my optimism

  5. loved reading this! ps, i love taylor!

  6. love your blog and the spirit idea of each article, take care

  7. I love Ur blog. I link on my blog roll. Exchange? :)

    xoxo: Janet

  8. You are adorable and have an amazing sense of style for 15....seriously amazing!!:)

  9. A lovely post.
    I think fashion is great for those who are shy because it allows creative expression, thats the way I've always viewed it! Optimism is a lovely thing too, we need plenty of it when all anyone forecases these days is all doom and gloom.

  10. I think your post about yourself was wonderful! It's sometimes hard to open up like that so I give you a round of applause! Also I think it's great that you have high morals, I think that's something a lot of people are lacking now-a-days...and is just sad to see...Having high morals may seem hard sometimes, but it's so worth it....and should help you out in life, as well as with finding yourself! I also view myself as having high morals!